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YouTube channel growth matters the most at the moment.
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All Sorts of Options!

You can support the project in a lot of ways: 

  • SHARE: You can share the content with others who might like it. If you do so on social media, use the #ondoubt hashtag!

  • FOLLOW: You can "follow" or "subscribe" to the project on any of the channels - it results in higher visibility, which matters.

  • PARTICIPATE: You can comment on the content, on any of the channels - YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc.

  • FEEDBACK: You can offer input on whom to interview, or tell me what kind of content you would benefit from

  • DONATE: You can donate money to help me run the project (details below).
    ANY MONEY YOU ARE WILLING TO DONATE means a huge lot to me. Check out my recap about previous donations right here:

About Financial Support

For the first three months since its inception in September 2017, the project's Patreon brought in exactly $67.46 (total sum). This resulted in Patreon themselves earning $2.9 so far (total sum).

While the support of each of the eleven patrons is impressive to me (bow! wow! You Guys Are Amazing!), it also means that all travelling costs, video & audio gear, software licences, data backup etc. has essentially been self-funded.

As a result, I stopped counting the money put into the project - it's just not the best metric to judge success, for now. But to give you a number: last time I checked, I roughly spent $6000 on the project ($3500 for gear, $2500 for travelling). 

This money comes from my sales as a fine arts painter - if interested, check out my work on Instagram or the website (very tight selection of works).

Current Funding: 1%

I'm dedicated to producing quality videography content free of charge - which doesn't mean that it's free for me to do so.

If you enjoy the content and are in a position where you can support the project, I welcome your financial support!

Direct Bank Transfer

This will be the easiest option for European patrons - you can transfer money once, or set up a monthly donation to:

Christian Bazant-Hegemark
IBAN: AT91 1500 0040 9105 2722
Donation Purpose: On Doubt


PayPal offers one-shot payments - you decide how much to donate. You do NOT need a PayPal account to use this option.
(PayPal charges 2.9% + 30 cents to process the payment).


Patreon offers recurring deductions on a monthly basis, offering content creators like me a stronger financial stability.



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