On Doubt publishes interviews with creative minds from all fields - to show and analyze creativity in its manifold processes and challenges, frustrations and successes. I believe in doubt being a unifying topic of all creative endeavors - hence the project's title.

The project is run by me, Christian Bazant-Hegemark - I'm a painter and curator today, but used to program video games in a previous life.

On Doubt uses a variety of channels, offering different content experiences based on your interests:

I'm Chris, the creator of this project: While I originally thought I'd become a musician, my first job was to develop video games. After six years, I studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna - followed by researching a PhD thesis (on painting and digital technologies). 

I curated about forty exhibitions, and had my own paintings exhibited in solo exhibitions in Paris, Seattle, Düsseldorf, Vienna, Brno and Leipzig: I breathe multi-discipline.

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