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Welcome to the On Doubt project!

I'm Chris, a painter who travels the world, interviewing Creative Minds from all fields.

The Setting

I use video gear to record the interviews, and publish them on YouTube and as Podcast. I usually visit creators in their homes or working areas - resulting in the interviews having a specific intimacy to them.

I only interview business professionals - people who pursue their passion full-time, putting their heart and business-focus into their passion. People who are experts in their fields, but often wouldn't call themselves that way - because they know about the endless depths of their craft..

Individual Voices That Matter​

The project shows people's movement of thoughts, independently of their social media status or whether they understand themselves as successful.

It's about dissecting one's work, being transparent about one's methods; talking about doubts, frustrations and successes: to embrace an authenticity that sometimes can go missing, when having gone professional - but from which others can learn.

Daniel Pitín, Studio View (cropped)

The Expanding Project

This project started out of strong doubts about how to best tackle my future. Ultimately, this made me realize that all creative efforts are interconnected through: Doubt.

While this project is a documentation of creativity, it cares about including business and marketing advice. Based on the interviewed individuals, support is offered to creative minds in finding their own voice, to help them use today's technologies to highlight their products, and to ultimately find "their" target audiences: those whose lives will benefit from their work.

On Doubt is an archive of human expression, but also offers entrepreneurial advice through blog and vlog entries. It aims to embrace creativity holistically: as something that others can benefit from, where marketing doesn't stand opposed to craft, but as it's yin-yang partner-in-crime.

The Utopian Project

On Doubt is me abandoning my curatorial practice (which installed objects in physical spaces - as placeholder for ideas). It's me...

  • trying to embrace a digital content distribution platform, YouTube, to document the movement of thoughts of a diverse un-group of people - who mostly don't know each other, but collaboratively form a loose hive-mind of potential futures.

  • thinking about what Art could be like: not tomorrow or in a decade - but in a century; when Unconditional Basic Income became the basis of all societies, resulting in humans needing creativity on a daily basis, while knowing that their thoughts and creations won't necessarily have any visibility or relevance to others.

  • not being utopian, but pragmatical: Accepting an endless multiplicity of disciplines that together make up the human experience - where ideas circulate without boundaries, and crafts no longer feel divided: where making a shoe is topologically identical to building an AI system, where neurosurgery and painting co-exist structurally to advance health and science. Where proactive, applied creativity is the alternative to medication - which, no longer having jobs to occupy our minds, will be used a lot by those alienated from their Id.

Recent Interview Partners (2017)

  • Tarn & Zach Adams (Indie Game Developers, Dwarf Fortress, Silverdale)
  • Ellen Akimoto (Painter, Leipzig)
  • Jonathan Blow (Game Designer & Programmer, Seattle)
  • Evan Flory-Barnes (Bassist & Composer, Seattle)
  • Parkwaechter Harlekin (Experimental HipHop, Baden)
  • Milo Hartnoll (Painter, Brighton)
  • Emma Hopkins (Painter, Hove)
  • Stephan Hövelbrinks (Indie Game Developer, Death Trash, Berlin)
  • Frau Isa (Painter, Illustrator and Street Artist, Vienna)
  • Andrew Ko (Neurosurgeon, Seattle)
  • Leafthief (Game Designer, Vienna)
  • Katie Mack (Theoretical Astrophysicist, London)
  • Sandy Noble (Programmer/Designer/Maker, Edinburgh)
  • Christiana Perschon (Independent Film Maker, Vienna)
  • Daniel Pitín (Painter, Prague)
  • Joakim Sandberg (Indie Game Developer, Jönköping)
  • Claudia Six (Character Artist, Vienna)
  • Siolo Thompson (Visual Entrepreneur, Seattle)
  • Margaret Unknown (Improvising Musician, Vienna)
  • Patrick Wagner/Black Heart Press (Collaborative Printmaker, Stockholm)
  • Roxanna Walitzki (Opera Singer, Music Producer, Photographer & Model, Seattle)
  • Micha Wille (Painter, Vienna)
  • Marlies Wirth (Curator & Art Historian, Vienna)
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