Creative Minds

The project shows people's movement of thoughts, independently of their social media status or whether they understand themselves as successful.

It's about dissecting one's work, being transparent about one's methods, and talking about doubts, frustrations and successes: to embrace an authenticity that sometimes can go missing, when having gone professional - but from which others can learn.

The following people have been interviewed so far:

  • Tarn Adams (Indie Game Developers, Dwarf Fortress, Silverdale)
  • Zach Adams (Indie Game Developers, Dwarf Fortress, Silverdale)
  • Ellen Akimoto (Painter, Leipzig)
  • Jonathan Blow (Game Designer & Programmer, Seattle)
  • Evan Flory-Barnes (Bassist & Composer, Seattle)
  • Lisi Bratcher (Triathlon Coach)
  • Parkwaechter Harlekin (Experimental HipHop, Baden)
  • Milo Hartnoll (Painter, Brighton)
  • Emma Hopkins (Painter, Hove)
  • Stephan Hövelbrinks (Indie Game Developer, Death Trash, Berlin)
  • Frau Isa (Painter, Illustrator and Street Artist, Vienna)
  • Andrew Ko (Neurosurgeon, Seattle)
  • Leafthief (Game Designer, Vienna)
  • Katie Mack (Theoretical Astrophysicist, London)
  • Sandy Noble (Programmer/Designer/Maker, Polargraph, London)
  • Christiana Perschon (Independent Film Maker, Vienna)
  • Daniel Pitín (Painter, Prague)
  • Joakim Sandberg (Indie Game Developer, Jönköping)
  • Claudia Six (Character Artist, Vienna)
  • Siolo Thompson (Visual Entrepreneur, Seattle)
  • Margaret Unknown (Improvising Musician, Vienna)
  • Patrick Wagner/Black Heart Press (Collaborative Printmaker, Stockholm)
  • Roxanna Walitzki (Opera Singer, Music Producer, Photographer & Model, Seattle)
  • Micha Wille (Painter, Vienna)
  • Marlies Wirth (Curator & Art Historian, Vienna)
By far not all content has been released yet!

Doing so requires a lot of time and focus, but ultimately also the feedback and approval of the interviewees. It's a long-term process! If you want to support the project, here's how you can do that.

In-Camera Footage of all Interviewees

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